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All of us

All of us
Four generations spanning eight decades, across four provinces, 3 dogs and one beautiful sunny day







24 June, 2007


Hi! It's Joanne , second daughter of Steve. I'm married to Terry Samchyk. Thank you to Ainsley for taking my picture!! We live in Coronach Sk. (still waiting for that visit, Uncle Mel !!). Terry works for Sask Power and I manage the grocery Department @ the Coronach Co-op. We have 3 children who are not so childish anymore!! Stephen, born in 1976, lives in Regina with his girlfriend Tera Lynch and dalmatian "Jake", on Lindsay Ave (not far from Wade or Uncle Mel). Both Stephen and Tera are employed with the Regina Health District at the Pasqua and General hospitals as L.P.N.s. My daughter Tara (born in 1980) is married to Jeff Totton. They live in Edmonton where Tara is employed with MIC as an Xray Technologist. Jeff is a Mechanical Engineer and he works for General Electric. They also have a puppy named Lily, according to Tara she's the cutest puppy in the world! Danny(born in 1983) attended the reunion with "Louie"(his puppy). He lives in Regina in the cathedral area on Queen Street. He is currently working in the film industry as a T.A.D.(Training Assistant Director).
Terry and I had a GREAT time last weekend, we especially want to thank Aunt Helen for planning and organizing the day. The food was terrific!! We couldn't have ordered more perfect weather. Thanks Donna for posting my pics, hope everyone enjoys them. I'm anxious to see what everyone else has to say.

The Pohorelic's

Laureen and George Pohorelic
Richard [18]
Kendra [13]
George and Richard were unable to attend


Vanessa Gudmundson, daughter of Laureen.

The Olshanoski's

Holly [daughter of Laureen] and Scott Olshanoski.
Kaylyn [10]
Shanna [6]
Ainsley [3]
Ava [7 months]

Donna, Daughter of Steve

I am Donna, fourth daughter of Steve and Polly (nee: Popoff). I was born in Kamsack on September 19, 1962. I have 3 daughters. Amy, 22, was born August 14, 1984 in Jasper AB. She now lives in Calgary. Michelle, 21, was born November 26, 1985 in Yorkton SK. After a brief stint in Edmonton, she is now back in Jasper. Kristen, 19 was born on November 2, 1987, in Jasper AB. She now lives in Calgary, AB.

23 June, 2007


Oh ya, David's girlfriend is Robin not Tracy.

Laureen, daughter of Steve

Wow, Donna what a great job getting the blog going! My family thoroughly enjoyed the festivities at Kamsack. We came from Moose Jaw and Saskatoon and Warman. I am Steve's oldest daughter, born December 19, 1955. I am married to George Pohorelic, we have four children. My daughter Holly(April 17, 1977) is married to Scott Olshanoski. They live in Warman and are parents to four daughters, Kaylyn, Shanna, Ainsley and Ava. Daughter Vanessa (May 1, 1979) lives in Saskatoon. Our son, Richard (September 12, 1988) and daughter, Kendra (January 18,1994) are still at home with us in Moose Jaw.

I'll try and get Kendra to post some of her pictures for you.

It was a looooooong drive

Hey Amy, you sleepin'?


Vanessa lives in Saskatoon. She is the daughter of Laureen and granddaughter of Steve. The handsome guy next to her there is her fella Mike.

Amy, Kristen, and Michelle

These ladies are the daughters of Donna which makes them Steve's granddaughters. Wow, that guy sure has a lot of girls in his life. Amy and Kristen live in Calgary and Michelle came out from Jasper.

Mike and Danny

Mike the
and Danny
of Steve

The Blondies aka Pretty in Pink

Eileen is the daughter of Mary. She now lives in Kamsack. She prepared the wonderful dinner that we all enjoyed sooooooo much. Michelle is one of Steves 8 granddaughters

Jacky and Wade

Jacky and Wade came up from Regina for the day. Wade is the eldest of Mels two sons.

Robin and David

Robin and David live in Lake Louise, David is the grandson of Helen.


Lisa came all the way from Toronto just to hang out with her crazy relatives! Lisa is the granddaughter of Helen.

KP duty for Mel

That's right Mel, Keep Peeling!

Ainsley (3) Kendra (13)

Ainsley is 3 she is one of Steve's great granddaughters. She is shown here with her Auntie Kendra. Kendra is the youngest of Steves' grandchildren

We are Family

Eileen, Leo, Uncle Bill, Marlene and Anita,
If smiles were pennies we'd all be rich, Eileen, Leo, Marlene and Anita are most of Mary's children, they are all in Kamsack now. Bill (87) is the oldest family member to attend. He came out from Hamilton Ontario.

Sunset at the Lake

Nice job on the pictures, Joanne, they are great.

20 June, 2007

Zalapski Family Reunion 2007

On June 16, 2007, the Zalapski family gathered for a reunion. The party was held at the home of Helen Dumonski (nee Zalapski), in Kamsack SK.

Four generations were in attendance from as far east as Toronto Ontario, and as far west as Jasper Alberta. They ranged in age from 7 months to 87 years of age.

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